If you like my place and work, and would like to add a testimonial.
Please send a mail
here Thank you so much Sherry
for writing the first one,  it really means a lot to me.
Thank you all for writing such nice thing and  it´s really inspiring to,
Thank you.




MajMaj is one of the best pixel artist. Her custom work is original and quality work. I adore her members area, has a great variety of membership & original tubes & lines. 



" I just Totally Love my membership at MeYou Graphics!!!
Majmaj has some of the Cutest images I have ever seen.
I really enjoy myself every time I go into the members area, as there are so many things to create with. I Love everything that she creates, as I have been a member of her theme weeks, as well as purchased things from her shop. If you are not already a member of her site, you should become one, as I know that you
will not be disappointed!!!

Thank You so much for everything majmaj!!!
          Big Hugs N Love, Sherry "


MajMaj has a very distinctive style of colouring and I absolutely love everything that she has in her member area - to the extent that I don't know where to begin! MYG also has a variety of original lines, which I enjoy tubing for my own members! Thank you so much for everything dear! I'm so happy to be a part of MYG!

- Jacinta


MeYou Graphics was a site I accidentally stumbled upon after never having heard of it before. Just looking at the samples alone, I was DYING to become a member. Once I did, I realized it was soooo worth it! Majmaj's graphics are absolutely beautiful! She must have a hundred memberships, and she's provided tubes from almost all of them, it's unbelievable how many there are! Her artwork is amazing, she's a very talented woman. She also provides as-is, customs, as well as her own lineart in addition to the tubes from her membership sites. Join this site- I'm so glad I did!


Jennifer Gold


When I joined MeYou Graphics I couldn't imagine the amount and the quality of items within the Members Area!
They are really one of the best I have ever seen!
It took me hours and hours to save them all.
Can't wait to play with them.
There are Adoption, .oOutlines, tubes, purchased items and much more.
More and more beautiful than you can imagine.
Majmaj also makes lovely outlines/tubes herself.
I have had many memberships years ago with another site but this membership is really worth the money!
Thank you Majman for the items you offer!



I am a huge fan of Me You Graphics, in fact it's one of my favorite pixel sites..  You will find some of the best tubes around in her members area. I love the color palette she uses to shade her tubes.  Her shop is wonderful and her themeweeks are out of this world. MajMaj always delivers everything with a smile.

She is worth every cent and then some.  



I received the goodies every day like an advent calendar, it is Christmas each time. I love that. The last day, I am always sad because it is the end of a wonderful journey. And I look forward to the next. You accept me each time although I have no website, thank you. It touches me. You make a Theme Week special for me, just the signatures without tubes, thank you. Each day a kind word accompanies the delivery, tenderness in this cruel world. I love your work, I love your colors. I love your Theme Week.

Thank you very very much for all time spent to make us all these nice things, your talent, your kindness and your patience with us.

Respect Lady. / Cathy De Spiegeler


Hi Sweetie,  

you have a really adorable Site with one of the best Memberareas I ever joined. I love your smoothie way, you shade your Tubes and the colors are really cute and soft.

I really like that :-) You are a friendly Person and you are always willing to listen to problems. I really love it and I hope, that you will stay as long as possible in the

pixelcommunity :-)


Big Hugs Michaela



My Sweet Sis majmaj has the Best theme weeks ever!!!
I have been a member of every theme week she has had
and for sure can say that you will really enjoy being a member.
She has such Adorable images and is so very generous with
what she offers. It is well worth being a member of her theme week.
Thank You so very much Sis!!!
Big Hugs N Love, Sherry


I LOVE majmaj's Theme weeks! We are spoiled with so many lovely things every day! I love her tubes and the way she colors and will surely sign up for her next Theme week too. Wouldn't miss it for the world. Sussi @ Lil Pixie Haven


I wasn't disappointed in the deliveries that I got from majmaj when I joined her theme week 6.  I enjoyed all the goodies.  I would recommend joining her theme weeks or even her lovely site.  Thank you majmaj for all the hard work you do to make everything enjoyable.





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