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Just a lil bit about me :-D

Nick name: majmaj
Real name: Ann-Maj
Age: 50 ( birthday 28th of april)
Hair and eyes: brown
Living: Gothenburg/Goteborg-Sweden
Kids: 2 (Amanda 30 and Oliver 22)
Grandkids: Benjamin 10 and Rasmus 5 yrs
Husband: Love of my life, Tomas 36
Pets: 1 cat ( Tiny) 2 dogs (Max and Pärla)
Music: HIM, Linkin Park, 30 second to Mars, My chemical romance and a lot more.
Fav song at the moment: Curly Sue - Takida
Movie: Titanic, seen it like ten times and I still cry like a baby
Actor: Johnny Depp
Colors: Black, grey, white,  soft pastels in pixels
Love to do: Read and playing with pixels. Have been pixeling since 2004 and still totally addicted.
Addicted to: Frogs, coffee, chocolat, pixels and music. And yes, I am a siggie piggie. Love sigtags and love making them.
Tattoos: Yes, so far 42, more to come as Tomas is becoming a tattoo artist :-)
Work: Yep, full time as an export office teamleader at an express freight company.

Fav siggies/adoptions:

Want to know more, just ask away :-)

My favourite sigtag all times is this one, thank You Jen.

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